Gadget’s New Recruit

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Sunday the 28th of September

8:00am Cummings Center

Elliott Street, Beverly

lets see,where it goes from there !

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Owl’s Head 8.30.2014

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Pit Stop’s 2014 Tour de Farce


Does that stand for “Future’s Uncertain”?


Gotta get a hot dog!

Day 2 , …………… Got kicked out of Canada , actually got “escorted” out buy several royal Mounties like a common criminal ,………… they said I was / is an undesirable , WTF !
At 6:30 A.M. It was slow so they decided to do a though search of me & the bike , found nothing
On bike but their FBI report said that in 1972 I was accused of “aiding & abetting”. I said aiding & abetting of what , they don’t know but get your sorry ass out of Canada , and so it goes .
Went to Cleveland (Ohio) to the Rock en Role museum , but it was closed . Off to upper Michigan to say hi to the “meat head” and his parents .

His some real serious rain and got soaked at the end of the day BFD .

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Lets ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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French & Indian War Redux

Recent visitors to Fort Ticonderoga were treated to a spirited reenactment of the nearly noteworthy battle of 1759 in which French and British forces skirmished along the shores of lake Champlain. Representing the Brits this time around was his grace, the 12th Duke of Frothingmouth, left. The French were practically ably represented by the Marquis de Babylon, right. The verbal thrusts and parries were finally decided by the mellifluous notes from a duet of Screaming Eagle slip-ons. C’est la Guerre.

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The Badlands Are Beckoning….

It’s now been 10 years since the nascent FOL group visited Sturgis South Dakota for bike week. This is hands-down the biggest and best bike rally in the world with great riding through canyons, badlands, Deadwood, Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park, etc. Along the way, we can visit Niagra Falls, Harley’s Milwaukee factory, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and every car and bike museum we can find.

Block out your calendar from Sunday, July 27th til Saturday, August 9th (+- depending on weather) and join a special group of Fathers heading west for an excursion you’ll cherish one day when the only thing you can ride is a rocking chair. And let’s face it – that day is already within sight for some of us. And if you need one final reason to be shamed into it – please note even Casper, kneeling above, made this trip once. Are you really gonna let him outdo you?


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Rollin’ Up The Miles

Time to get started on the next 50


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May 4th 2014………….Just saying.

It looks like thunder and lightning stormsĀ in the Keene area for Sunday. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am out. marko



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Merry Christmas To All & To All A Good Ride…

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