Ghost Rider

The Ghost Rider is the opposite of the Ancient Rider.

The Ghost Rider is the object of great scorn and derision among the Fathers but, sadly,  doesn’t even realize it because he or she never shows up to ride anymore. Maybe he sold his ride because he needed the money for denture cream or Depends. Whatever…

The Ghost Rider designation is the Fathers’ equivalent of the photo on the side panel of a milk carton.  Just a face fading slowly away.


The list grows…..PB is the first founder to flounder…








Shuke. It was nice ridin with ya. Whatever…. 

6 Responses to Ghost Rider

  1. Pit Stop says:

    “La Priorite’ des Priorite’s” (a little French lingo for those whom are not compromised) , priorities . Hypothetically , going south to Tangere Is. (Maryland) for soft shell crabs , around Chesapeske Bay , then off to N.C. , Ocracoke ………..the outer banks . As for Sturgus , been there (twice) , seen it , done it . Not really a great ride from here .
    I’m into “seeing” shit from here to there , it’s not only the destination , it’s the “ride”. Anyone out there for the Cabot Trail , Cape Breton , Nova Scotia ? (passport required And NO records , and i’m not talk’in “LP’S”) Aey !
    In any case , that’s my story , ………. and I’m stick’in with it !

    Fin .

  2. j swallow says:

    ok ok you shamed me. I ‘ll change my work schedule-less of course to enjoy all the company

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