Hell Raiser of the Month


SALISBURY, England—Over a cup of coffee at a recent meeting of the Round Table, the managers of Stonehenge learned that King Arthur Pendragon, the Chosen Chief of the Loyal Arthurian Warband Druid order, was preparing his warriors for battle.

At stake: free parking.

For years, Mr. Pendragon, Druid King of Britain, has parked his ancient Kawasaki motorbike on a dirt track just off the A303 highway and walked the short distance across a field to conduct ceremonies at this ancient stone circle.

Now, English Heritage, the government unit that manages the site and other landmark buildings and monuments, wants to stop him and others from parking so close to the stones.

“I work at Stonehenge as a Druid,” the 60-year-old Mr. Pendragon says. “English Heritage are acting like spoiled brats.”


Johnstown, PA, 9 am.

The Peep Show tent is locked up tight but the dude’s still walkin’ around with his Mardi Gras beads on lookin’ to take a picture.

Nuff said?


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9 Responses to Hell Raiser of the Month

  1. Pit Stop says:

    Road king , think it’s time for a little diversity here , like some photos of hot babes , guns, bikes , hole shots , (bikes) happy hr. at some sleezy establishment , my bike getting towed , again , ya know , M/C stuff . Just a thought , don’t shoot the messenger ! WTF , Trebuchet’s ……….. .

  2. Pit Stop says:

    What’s up with the BBQ grill next to the coffin , brings a new meaning to chew and screw , or just a convienent creamation apparatus ? Hold the mayo . Fin .

  3. Pit Stop says:

    Back in 4th. grade , I brought to school an exact scale (1/1) scale of a trebuchet model to school , I got a “c” for effort . Maybe they had an issue about no phone service for a week . Fin .

  4. Rafiki says:

    The Rev looks like he is thinking of something he should never say out loud!!

  5. Jacquée says:

    G R E A T photo!

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