Or as they say farther north, Aboot.

The Fathers of Lethargy is a very loosely knit group of mature (at least in calendar years) motorcycle enthusiats who live in and around Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Renowned for their lack of careful advance planning, the Fathers nonetheless usually manage to pull off a hasty, last-minute group ride on weekend days throughout bike season. Duration of rides is typically from breakfast until mid-afternoon. Most rides are scheduled weather permitting roughly between April through October. One or two overnight destination runs are attempted each year with varying degrees of success. Macho, bonus frostbite runs are occasionally organized (as well as usually attended solely) by the Founding Fathers during the off-season on a strict NWNA (No Weenie Need Appear) basis.

The Fathers wish to extend their sincere gratitude to the following groups and individuals without whose support the Fathers would be even less plausible: the Mothers, the Kids, Too Tall – our Guild Navigator,  Jersey Boy – our on-call Leonardo, Guido (no, not Sarducci) – our  Grease Guru , the Great Bear – our Ancient Rider Emeritus and Ghost Rider Emeritus, Boo – our in-house fashion Diva, Cuddles – Pirate Bob’s midget dinosaur,  Skinny Cleveland – our  musical inspiration and all of the diner waitresses and emergency room staff throughout New England and the eastern  provinces.

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  1. Pit Stop says:

    As a founding Father , I like to add to the “sincere gratitude” department that made this endeavor somewhat plausible . Unemployment . Yup . Free time , sans pay , but freedom . Not to mention a bike that cost more than my 1st. house , really . All ya need is a tank of gas and a freak’in credit card and the world is your oyster ,……….till ya get your lame ass home , then the shit gets real . But when your wife makes the big bucks , it’s not a problem . Plastic , ya got to love it !

  2. Road King says:

    Sounds like Gadget’s dept.

  3. mustang sally says:

    Fathers of Lethargy needs a FACEBOOK page so I can LIKE it

    • Pit Stop says:

      Mustang Sally ; be carefully for what you wish , you might be freaked-out ! In any case , it’s good to hear from you . In the never ending quest in keeping our standards at rock bottom , all comments that are difficant in moral fiber , weak on spelling , have a sence of humor and can give and recive unwarranted dark (except me) insults on the chin , and speak Latin fluinet , are always welcomed here . Now if this meets or exceeds your criterion , your standards(or lack of) meet our lame sine qua non (condition) . Fin .

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