Ancient Rider

The revered title of Ancient Rider is typically – but not automatically – bequeathed to the oldest active rider of the Fathers of Lethargy.

It is recognition for a long and continuing enthusiasm for the open road on two wheels and is the distinction of the highest honor among the Fathers of Lethargy. It is bestowed upon that single venerable rider with the longest tenure in the saddle who can and will throw a leg over and roll out for the whole day’s ride.

Coastie – we salute you!

3 Responses to Ancient Rider

  1. Pit Stop says:

    I don’t recall this “Coastie” caricature ? This dude looks lost , is / was he the ignoble transitory vagabond collecting empty beer bottles at the bike show ? Longest tenure in the saddle of what , a wheel chair ? It’s doubtfull this guy could even move his leg by his soporific stationary stature . At some point , have your man get back to my man and give the skinny on this dude . Fin .

  2. Pit Stop says:

    Who the fu@k is / was Coastie . Is he the dude that built the Trebuchet ?

    • Pit Stop says:

      Coastie forgive me , I honestly thought you were the coach of the Green Bay Packers or a fictional character Road Kill (T.K.) formulated , no shit ! It was A pleasure to have met you . Never met a man who had so many miles (on his bike) to his credit. Looking forward for our next journey to nowhere !

      Oh , did you in fact build that Trebuchet , or is that more B.S. from Road Kill ?

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