Helmet Cam

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Elmore, Vermont – The Beauty Spot



Franconia Notch



Keene Scene


The Wedding Crashers


Tour the Teddy


Rhody Run

6 Responses to Helmet Cam

  1. Pit Stop says:

    Attention : this should be read with a grain of salt ,…………..and a couple shots of Vodka.

    In keeping with our low ( rock-bottom) standards , it would be unimaginable to realize an amalgamation of crapyer cam video’s . Who is / was this guy ? Does he or she have an insufferable case of d.t.’s (delirium tremens, for those that don’t touch the creature).As a discombobulated (not to be confused with disputatious) “Father” , I proclaim we should do something about our video archive’s , or lack of . First ; fire the alleged photographer , better yet he / she should be, bound , gaged , executed by the garrote ,flayed with a butter knife ,drawn & quarter , (by bike), cremated & shot out of a cannon for the insufferable damage done toThe “Fathers” reputation , (not necessarily in that order) . Next ; elect (with hast) any-one who can hold a can of beer (somnorific will fly) and not resume room temperature will work . Our lack of standards are of utmost importance here- Roadking being the alledge savant (who knew ?) must address this delicate matter of baloney with out comprimising (?) his capacity as a lethargic notable , (hey , I’m making this shit up as my last ice cube is melting in my adult beverage) not to mention as a stand-up guy . (forgive me , i just swallowed a bad ice cube or maybe it’s the liquor talking) In any case, that’s my take on our video athenaeum (library / archives , dau) .
    Any and all obscure , dubious , disputable , vague and or remotely fly-by-night questionable query will be treated with the utmost aversion . You may retort / vent your Mickey Mouse commentary via “leave a reply” on the “fathers” sight. Hope you enjoyed this intoxicating , eye-popping somewhat enlightening bull-shit that’s
    totally void of any redeeming value . I rest my case .
    Fin .

  2. Pit Stop says:

    Roadking , I heard Rodger Waters is look’in for help (filming) Pink Flamingo’s
    Part II , ……………part time . Got “Action” ?

  3. JacquƩe says:

    Who has the helmet cam?

    • Road King says:

      Pit Stop. And he’s currently trying to find the direction booklet that came with it. Check your saddlebags…..

      • Pit Stop says:

        Jacque’e (sorry about the typo) , Roadking is full of B.S. . He’ll half’ta take the rap for this one . Don’t recall seeing that at the
        Cannes Film Festival , I could be wrong , ……………….not ! Fin .

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