One day, during a bike trip circa 2009, Inspector Gadget talked about the TV series “Sons of Anarchy” and bemoaned the fact that our modest group of aging weekend road warriors had no name.  The Road King suggested Fathers of Lethargy. That’s the history.

8 Responses to History

  1. Rafiki says:

    Raod King, I got your back….if there is a revolution!!

  2. Jacquée says:

    LOL….therefore the “quotes” around the word “organized”!!!!!

    • Pit Stop says:

      Jacquee’ , I don’t recall seeing you at the last run , for that you must recite
      La Marseillez (in French) backwards in one take . Sorry , but that’s the rules !

  3. Road King says:

    Organized? Is there a plot to overthrow the king?

  4. Jacquée says:

    unique website – who know that there was an “organized” group such as this!

    Look forward to “riding” with the group!

    • Pit Stop says:

      By no means are we desperate for “new blood” but , in the never ending pursuit of roping in anyone who can lift up a leg (without help) and ride anything over 125 cc bike , and can deal with some fairly (not fairy , I think) civilized tourers without attitudes and can spring for breakfast (at least once , dau) , well , OK , were desperate and hungary and will skip the the inscrutable inquisition (initiation) this time . Now , when do we eat ! Keep posted .

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