Fathers Scale New Heights – Rack Up A Few Miles, Too

Saturday, June 4, 2011, 6:00 a.m.: An intrepid trio of Fathers rendezvoused¬†in Danvers for a bracing dash up the Maine Turnpike and a warming breakfast at Roy’s Diner in Auburn.


With temperatures soaring into the sixties after breakfast, the trekkers continued their northern climb through exotic Peru, Mexico and even the land of lumbering giants a/k/a Rumford.

Pressing northward still, our Fathers skirted the shores of Lakes Rangely and Mosslookmeguntic, savoring rustic roadways and the ever-present taste of Maine’s state bird before turning southward down Route 16 into New Hampshire’ Great North Woods. The three amigos lunched on elk burgers and onion rings in Errol and followed the fly fishermen dotted along the headwaters of the Androscoggin southward toward Pinkham Notch and, after a brief encounter with seven foot doe moose, a side trek up (and back down, of course) Mt. Washington.


For the record, there was still plenty of snow, ice and precipitous dirt roads atop Mount Wash which your Fathers navigated expertly and with only slightly elevated blood pressure.

Ice cream sundaes in North Conway and another dash southward brought the trio home sun & wind burned 13 1/2 hours and 481 miles later to long, hot showers and new schemes for Laconia next weekend.

Dude, if you aint cruisn’, you’re losin’.

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2 Responses to Fathers Scale New Heights – Rack Up A Few Miles, Too

  1. Pirate Bob says:

    Let me tell you about “slightly elevated” blood pressure. I arrived at the summit with blood pressure of approximately 347/198 and a pulse rate of 232 bpm. I know that Martin Luther King had been to the mountantop and seen the other side, but I don’t think he did it on a Harley over dirt roads. I checked the Obituaries this morning and was glad to find that I apparantly made it back down,

    I haven’t checked this with the Rev, but I think that if the Good Lord wanted men, including me and my fellow lethargites, to drive to the top of Mt. Washington he would have put a breakfast greasy spoon, a gas station, or even an ice cream stand on top for a reason to drive up there. For a man who is uncomfortable with heights I guess a ride up the Mt Washington roadway was not a good choice.

    Hope to see you all in the hills of Laconia next week-end.

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