Daddys-o-L Site Hits the Road!

Nah, Dude – the Fathers of Lethargy got a blog?!?   Whu sez ya can’nt teech uld dawgs nu trix (or at least modrn English, y0)?

Seven feet of snow this winter provided lots of indoor time to learn new software, blogware, blah, blah, blahware. Finally it’s nearly time to stuff the laptop in the saddlebag, savor a greasy diner breakfast and warm up the saddle on some twistys.

But come back here to virtually visit on rainy (or work) days, to post your comments, pics or videos and to stay in touch with the Fathers. Otherwise, you’ll never know when we might come roaring into your tranquil little suburban cul de sac and enjoy a group pee on your favorite rhododendron ……

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