Words To Live By – Sort Of….


The Chapel of Skeletons or was it a Hell’s Angels’ clubhouse..

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  1. Pitstop says:

    “We bones are here waiting for yours” (translation for those anemic in Latin) . I’m not feeling it ……yet . How about some hot babes , cool bikes , neat stuff …….this is a bike format / rag…….not an assisted living / infirmary sight ………WTF . What next I say ?
    As a humble /reserved member who still has a pulse I think a little sex, drugs & rock’n’roll would be in order here . We need to mix it up a bit on the wild side if we’re going to attract new members , we wouldn’t want any old timers getting too flabbergasted and get the wrong idea with there motorized wheelchairs . This ain’t your mothers ” shriners club” . Any negative responses will be dealt with my bad ear .

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