Keene ’17

The day started extra early for those who chose to honor a group of elderly vets, some of whom were rumored to be heroes….


Coastie got an earful from a former shipmate…


Breakfast at Cliff’s Cafe was surpassed only by lunch at Phil’s BBQ trailer

we won’t even mention the ice cream stop…

Next Sunday it’s on to Dolphin Point for fried clams & onion rings. Be there..

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2 Responses to Keene ’17

  1. Road King says:

    Coastie rolled to the Kanc today. Where were you?

  2. Pitstop says:

    Say , where the hell is Coastie these day’s ? ……….
    Phil’s BBQ trailer looks more like an Hungarian gypsy co-op / crib than an eating establishment , apparently looks can be deceiving ……….but are they Kosher ?
    It appears Marco bagged the last rib from under Chris in this photo op . Bon app├ętit .

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