Pirate Bob Swims With The Cagers


Farewell to a Founding Father…


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  1. Pitstop says:

    Holy Davidson Roadkill ……….the bike ain’t cold / sold and it’s off to the bone yard !
    The justation period for ridicule (French lingo) must be observed …….say at least after Pirate Bob has returned the honorary key to his locker (void of any nasty pin-ups)……. returned all his “Father’s” colors (must be burned like all religious stuff) and anti up his past membership dues (see last post) . Then and only then we may talk shit about his
    “White Elephant” (bike) with any justification and make sport ……..after that truth be told / said about his tractor/ sled whatever . I’ll make an offer of $5000.oo tops !

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