Pit Stop’s 2014 Tour de Farce


Does that stand for “Future’s Uncertain”?


Gotta get a hot dog!

Day 2 , …………… Got kicked out of Canada , actually got “escorted” out buy several royal Mounties like a common criminal ,………… they said I was / is an undesirable , WTF !
At 6:30 A.M. It was slow so they decided to do a though search of me & the bike , found nothing
On bike but their FBI report said that in 1972 I was accused of “aiding & abetting”. I said aiding & abetting of what , they don’t know but get your sorry ass out of Canada , and so it goes .
Went to Cleveland (Ohio) to the Rock en Role museum , but it was closed . Off to upper Michigan to say hi to the “meat head” and his parents .

His some real serious rain and got soaked at the end of the day BFD .

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2 Responses to Pit Stop’s 2014 Tour de Farce

  1. Pit Stop says:

    Bless me Fathers for I confess (under duress) ; That reclusive destitute real estate that occupy’s upon ones shoulders frequently epitomized (assumes) as his or her corpus
    callosum (attic) …………………. I have reserved or should I say donated .83% of my
    left (rear) cerebrum only to this endeavor , or maybe not , I forgot . The following
    narrative presentation may be deficient in brevity but it’s poignant and undeniably
    inspirational at least , border line sacramental at best . Now on to Business .
    Summer solstice waits for no one , some of us are schlepping it , no names need to be
    mentioned ( no worry Bob , Dave and the rest of you layabouts , nobody read this shit)
    or to be compromised . Before the less than ideal weather leaves us we should ALL
    Make a pilgrimage to parts unknown …………… providing the silent members can lift a leg utter than farting (no that wasn’t miss spelled) . This will be brought up at the next meeting , Father Roadkill will be proceeding with the hearings , Gadget will be taking
    the minutes (seconds in this case) . All past dues will be collected on the spot , no bull
    shit , we’re deficient to the tune of $16.31 , Pirate Bob has been holding out again .
    Another bone of contention : slackers , yup you know who you are . Last years Halloween run was anything but inspirational . Now that’s my take on the not-so current matters at large and I’m stick’in with it . Any rebuttals will fall upon deaf ears ,
    (my left one) and will be dismissed as mumbo jumbo jive . Jesus May love ya but that’s
    his problem . Peace out ! Fin .

    This has been a somewhat lame-ass yeas as far as the unification of this loose bunch of confederates called the “Fathers” .

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