Lets ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Pit Stop says:

    Where the hell is “Mustang Sally” when ya need her !
    Comment of the day : we need another heading , sight , whatever to post current events
    and or “vent” . Where the hell are supposed to post our inquires and or give notice on upcoming issues . We also need a “swap meet” page , ya know , stuff ya want to get rid of ………………. Like ; Looking for rims for my 96′ Guzzi California , willing to swap my
    357 magnum and or my signed (by me) heavily used bong (never cleaned , tons of THC)
    or my vintage poster (also signed by me) of Myra Breckenridge ………. A must for any den . Also got progressive shocks (new) 11″ for Harley , for real . Just a thought . The editing / marketing dept. (Road kill) should get on this ASAP , I thing I’m onto something …………….. . Also we need more input (I.E. , bullshit) on activities or lack of .
    Now maybe this is a case of “much to do about nothing” but I could be wrong , not .
    I will be anticipating a full and comprehensive reply from our editor ……….. Fin .

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