French & Indian War Redux

Recent visitors to Fort Ticonderoga were treated to a spirited reenactment of the nearly noteworthy battle of 1759 in which French and British forces skirmished along the shores of lake Champlain. Representing the Brits this time around was his grace, the 12th Duke of Frothingmouth, left. The French were practically ably represented by the Marquis de Babylon, right. The verbal thrusts and parries were finally decided by the mellifluous notes from a duet of Screaming Eagle slip-ons. C’est la Guerre.

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  1. Pitstop says:

    Marquis de Babylon, on the right looks like he’s ready to rumble……… . As for the mellifluous “note” we heard by the Prince of Darkness………….. your slip on slipped off and it’s history ……………..C’est La Vie !

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