It’s Like Deja Vu All Over Again

Looks like a 60’s album cover. What was the name of that band? The Trebuchet Trio?


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One Response to It’s Like Deja Vu All Over Again

  1. Pit Stop says:

    Warning : all “voyeur’s” to this reply are expected but not required to back me up , (in the event there’s any negitave reprocushings , I.E., rapprochement of my manifesto , apologizing , or even the unthinkable : Paying for breakfast)
    In keeping with my reserved , controlled and civilized approach to this delicate matter , I would appreciate some (any) neoteric (recent) pictures of the lethargic Fathers buy the editor in chief , Roadkill . As a humble disciple , I protest against this amalgamation of
    posthumous photoes were subjected to scrutinize . Our contemporary “a la mode” photo archive must be restored to new heights (?) . How are we to hoodwink any prospected new blood into our ├ęclat coop without some interesting “new” images ! Having said that, I hope this (bullshit) hasent fallen upon deaf ears . With diligent , this grievance shall be conducted at our next auspicious but somwhat questionable cock-a-doodle-doo round up (eating establishment of low culinary finess , I.E., crud) . Any , I mean any frequ’in feeble impudent retort to my take on this photo thing shall be met with indignation . All and any apathetic commentary (gibberish) will weigh heavy on my vote for “Father of Lethargy of the year” ! Now ; are we doing a Xmass run anytime soon ?

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