Johnstown Run

1,219 miles and one inclined plane ride.

Lots of sun and beautiful riding through the hills of western Pennsylvania.

Johnstown was only flooded with bikes this weekend.

Seems like the steel mills are pretty quiet these days.


The only noise was from the visitors.


Got a tattoo in Johnstown. Not me, the bike


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One Response to Johnstown Run

  1. Pit Stop says:

    Well another fine ride Ya got me into Ollie ! It would have been a bit more amusing , not to mention interesting if we had the company of a few more compatriots, but it is was was what it is . Nice ride , meadaocure (shit) food , great weather , no hassles with the
    authorities at large , …………a nice ride , what’s not to like .
    But , Going down those stairs backwards on the bikes , after massive amounts of not-so-controlled mind alterating substances , not fun .
    Because of the lamentable constraint of time , clan , workplace , and
    erratic bull shit ,not to mention we’re all getting long in the tooth ,
    we must get our priorities back on track , and rise to the occasion and
    do “men things” , IE , cussing , spitting , engage in sick humor, display the fine art of rude gestures and try to do some riding .
    Now you slothful (lethargic) lay-abouts know who you are , no need to mention names here . August is comming , and it’s show-time .

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