Happy Fathers Day

For the literally lethargic out there, please be dutifully shamed by the news that Pit Stop & I visited Laconia today without you. We took the scenic route via Franconia Notch, Bethlehem, Lancaster, Colebrook, Dixville Notch & Freyburg arriving in Laconia at 5:30 pm after an 8:00 am departure from Stoneham. 454 miles on my clock.

Pit Stop ran out of gas four (no BS)  times but only had to use his emergency stash once, coasting into stations the other three times. He also achieved a FOL first when he actually passed an suv while coasting down a hill totally out of gas.

Traffic was so thick in Laconia that we only made it as far as the Broken Spoke Saloon to wash away a little road dust and pick up the obligatory T shirt. I didn’t get any photos but Crepitus got some videos which appear below.

In the meantime, have a lethargic fathers day everyone.

6.15.2013 on the road

6.15.2013 Broken Spoke Hula Contest


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