Get the Concept?


Braving a threat of rain, the Fathers visited the Heritage Museum in Sandwich to check out the concept car exhibition and continued on to P-Town where Inspector gadget introduced the group to his favorite eatery, Burger Queene .

Although the entire ride proved dry, (no adult beverages) the temperature dropped 22 degrees during the final hour home. Ahhh,  New England in springtime!

Buick Beauty

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2 Responses to Get the Concept?

  1. Road King says:

    Show up next time, Nimrod. Or was the beast OTR that weekend?

  2. Pit Stop says:

    Warning ; ……This user (who knew ?) may use sarcasm and be cynical in a way you are not accustomed to . You migh suffer temporary (shit happens) mental sensation of youphoria , if your lucky . On that red “bondo” job , what concept is a “Kraco” radio ? Maybe that screen in the dash is an Etch a sketch . In any case , I also had a similar car to the wildcat , it was a creapy orange & green 1958 Rambler four door straight six , a real slug , no radio , breaks mushy as hell and no shocks , but the back seat ……….. . As for P-Town and Burger Queen ( never to be confused with the drag queens , probabily different taste , just guessing ) that’s a nice ride …….on the bike . Sorry to hear ya had a “dry run” , they do serve adult beverages at P-town , I think . Fin .

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