Mother of Lethargy

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2 Responses to Mother of Lethargy

  1. Pit Stop says:

    Who the hell wrote that piece of work . What twisted mental defective got on the
    “Fathers” page ?

  2. Pit Stop says:

    Tell me it ain’t so Joe …………
    Don’t recall seeing her at the Louve Museum’s parking lot . Wait , wasn’t she the “Ho”
    At the Hakensack N.J. Bike swap meet working out of that port o potty for small money ? In any case , I don’t think she’s “Fathers” material , if ya get my drift , or maybe not .
    Let it be known, this entry was posted as / in uncategorized , I say let’s keep it that way ,
    “by George” . In any case , i’m shocked , shocked I say at the mere speculation that this image is worthy of having the notoriety and not to mention honor of being a
    “Mother of Lethargy ” . (I think we could do better) not to mention offending my
    Freak’in eyeballs , …….no ? I object , I say , on the grounds of impersonating of a
    “Mother of Lethargy” . I rest my case . Fin .

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