Rollin’ Up The Miles

Time to get started on the next 50


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May 4th 2014………….Just saying.


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Merry Christmas To All & To All A Good Ride…

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It’s Like Deja Vu All Over Again

Looks like a 60′s album cover. What was the name of that band? The Trebuchet Trio?


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Sunday October 20, 2013

It seems the world champion trebuchet (punkin chunker to you Freedom Fries types)  has retired -

The world champion trebuchet, Yankee Siege, from Greenfield, New Hampshire

Nonetheless, the Fathers will ride Sunday. Who’s in?

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Johnstown Run

1,219 miles and one inclined plane ride.

Lots of sun and beautiful riding through the hills of western Pennsylvania.

Johnstown was only flooded with bikes this weekend.

Seems like the steel mills are pretty quiet these days.


The only noise was from the visitors.


Got a tattoo in Johnstown. Not me, the bike


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Happy Fathers Day

For the literally lethargic out there, please be dutifully shamed by the news that Pit Stop & I visited Laconia today without you. We took the scenic route via Franconia Notch, Bethlehem, Lancaster, Colebrook, Dixville Notch & Freyburg arriving in Laconia at 5:30 pm after an 8:00 am departure from Stoneham. 454 miles on my clock.

Pit Stop ran out of gas four (no BS)  times but only had to use his emergency stash once, coasting into stations the other three times. He also achieved a FOL first when he actually passed an suv while coasting down a hill totally out of gas.

Traffic was so thick in Laconia that we only made it as far as the Broken Spoke Saloon to wash away a little road dust and pick up the obligatory T shirt. I didn’t get any photos but Crepitus got some videos which appear below.

In the meantime, have a lethargic fathers day everyone.

6.15.2013 on the road

6.15.2013 Broken Spoke Hula Contest


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Get the Concept?


Braving a threat of rain, the Fathers visited the Heritage Museum in Sandwich to check out the concept car exhibition and continued on to P-Town where Inspector gadget introduced the group to his favorite eatery, Burger Queene .

Although the entire ride proved dry, (no adult beverages) the temperature dropped 22 degrees during the final hour home. Ahhh,  New England in springtime!

Buick Beauty

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Cinco De Mayo & The Keene Swap Meet All In One Day? Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This Amigo!

Chances are the snow will be gone by Cinco de Mayo…

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