Mucho Caliente en Madrid

Madrid , hot as a mo-fo ………90′s all day . left Lisbon Portugal (beautifully city) and arrived at 9:00 PM , sun still shining @ 375 miles @ 75-80 @MPH for everal hrs. .stopped at some mid- not so evil town , for lunch ……should be on Unisco’s list of ancient walled city’s but there are so many , land of Don  Quote . it”S now 11:15 PM & having an adult beverage in the square , friggan beer has hit me like a ton of bricks , you may tell by the missed spelled words . Tomorrow Madrid and at night (too hot in the day ) off to Andorra for my snails ! Miss you all but not that much ! Just saying .

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Spain, Anyone?

Young woman lying face down on a towel o.

Shocked, shocked I say with all the scantley clad (naked) girls on TV ! Not to mention the beach .
If ya need Viagra here , you’ve got issues ! Besides having a stiff one all day ……. this place is hard to take ……………. or leave .   Tonight we’re at Cascais , just 15 miles north of Lisbon ….. thought it would be a bit quieter (and cheaper) than Lisbon , ………not ! It appears to be the portuges riverea .
Real nice place , a bit pricy . to day was a bitch , 90 degrees all day . thought the Guzzie would melt at a steady 75/80 MPH , but she ran like a charm . all is fine hope all is well at home , can’t wait to get back to France , just loved their small roads and villages .          Fin .

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Pit Stop’s Wicked Excellent 2015 European Tour

Southend Pier, Southend on Sea, Essex, Britain. freighters moored off the end of the pier waiting for the tide. A wet day out o Stock Photo

Just got the mother fucking computer working @ 4:30 AM  (now) this morning ! Got off of plane , rain .went to pick-up bike …… no problem , pouring rain . threw out (in parking lot) ALL maps of UK !
No England , Scotland ,Ireland bla bla bla . drove in rain 177 miles to Dover UK , drove on train , grabbed a cold guiness and drove off in 26 min. no customers anywhere in Europe , great !
Best ride ever in my life getting lost in France , 75% small roads , highways like ALL roads are excellent . From Calais (train exit) to Spanish border (exactly 1000 miles) not one bad road or pot hole ! Foods OK , sue hasn’t acted- up yet ! Today (@3:00pm) will be in Porto Portugal . No rain since we hit France . it’s about 80-85 degrees . bike runs excellent @ 75-80 all day , so far so good .
No issues except no computer for trip routes and reservations but it all worked out. . as usual no trip is complete with out a fucking issue with the Jon dam (cops) ………. Blasted threw some tiny town (little fast) and a cop frantically waved /flaged me down , noticed no cop car , proceeded to blast off into the sunset …….can you say ” aviour Mon amie”.


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Bad trip

Bad flight , dry plane .

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Keene Scene

Ok, the city fathers in Keene may have banned  rowdy stuff like Pumpkin Fest, but the upscale Annual Keene Swap Meet continues. And it’s this Sunday, May 3rd! So put down your shovels and rakes, charge up your battery and get ready for a sunny springtime run to western New Hampster.

Meet at Cummings Center Sunday at 8 AM. Aloha.

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Ok, so maybe it ain’t Keene. But the forecast is sunny and 50′s and it’s an excuse to take a Sunday ride out Route 2. And if you like Fords for some weird reason, you’ll really enjoy it. Maybe we’ll even figure out  what “Petroliana” is. Who’s in?

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Gadget’s New Recruit

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Sunday the 28th of September

8:00am Cummings Center

Elliott Street, Beverly

lets see,where it goes from there !

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Owl’s Head 8.30.2014

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Pit Stop’s 2014 Tour de Farce


Does that stand for “Future’s Uncertain”?


Gotta get a hot dog!

Day 2 , …………… Got kicked out of Canada , actually got “escorted” out buy several royal Mounties like a common criminal ,………… they said I was / is an undesirable , WTF !
At 6:30 A.M. It was slow so they decided to do a though search of me & the bike , found nothing
On bike but their FBI report said that in 1972 I was accused of “aiding & abetting”. I said aiding & abetting of what , they don’t know but get your sorry ass out of Canada , and so it goes .
Went to Cleveland (Ohio) to the Rock en Role museum , but it was closed . Off to upper Michigan to say hi to the “meat head” and his parents .

His some real serious rain and got soaked at the end of the day BFD .

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