Road King’s 2nd Annual Wicked Excellent Solo Sojourn to Owl’s Head

No traffic. No complaints. Just 356 miles of fresh air, sunshine, old bikes, old cars, old planes & old guys.

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The Party’s Over

Well the party’s over , no regrets . Everything went without a hitch except a minor issue in Strasbourg’e when Guzzie acted up only because earlier in Andorra hit a massive (only) pot hole , forks bottomed out hence shorten out wiring harness . Can’t wait to do it again . The only change I would make is get a bike with the intentions of walking away from it  and departing from anywhere but UK . Rained when I got here , rained when I left . Not feeling well this morning having been subjected to an inedible British rubbish ((breakfast)  food , looking for a chemist ( pharmacy) to purchase rat poison to get the bad taste and effect  from my mouth  . I’ve been lugged & a guest

(40 years ago in former Yougaslava ) of the local constabulary but ate better than anywhere here .

(Incarcerated for molestation of the state , urinating  in public , go figure  ) . Nothing that two bars of chocolate approx.  , $6.20 in various change and 1/2 bottle of wine couldn’t fix after 2-1/2 hrs. of intervention . well its 9:00  , plane to catch , gotta get rid of this British $$$ ,  got guiness ?       Fin .

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Cathedrals & Warm Brew

The Canal du Midi (Occitan: Canal de las Doas Mars, meaning canal of the two seas) is a 241 km (150 mi) long canal in Southern France (French: le Midi). It was originally named the Canal royal en Languedoc (Royal Canal in Languedoc) but the French revolutionaries renamed it to Canal du Midi in 1789. It was considered at the time to be one of the greatest construction works of the 17th century.[1]

Passed over it on the way in , passed over it on the way out . Crashing in Amiens , France home of the tallest cathedral in France ……. or is it Reims ? In any case this joint got more Churches and Cathedrals than we have McDonald’s  . Hitting the UK via train (Chunnel) with reservation’s , not too fond of the shit weather , food , backward driving , warm beer , people with no teeth , and overrated accent’s .other than that the beer is great if can get one cold .

The party’s over tomorrow , 30 days later , 9528 miles on same tires , mucho bucks shot to hell and a day of trying to find someone to ship my bike home . As Shakespeare said ; the end is always a poorly written act . Didn’t succeed to take a rock from Hadrian’s wall and leave it at Ephesus , next time .

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Reluctantly Heading West

Well , its about  1:30 in the morning here , just had dinner (past your bed time) and having a few brews with some European bikers at the cafe .just paid my hotel bill , as usual my bar tab is more than my stay here . Say LA vie .Hotel is terrific , booze is great people are fine . In 5 hrs. Leaving for U.K. , bummer . Gotta get back before my “green card” expires (21st) .As a rule we do approx. 200 miles  a day at a 10 hr. run , always  taking the country roads staying clear of the  auto ban . Tom orro we gotta book it . Bike runs great , never used any oil , Michelin tires wearing great .The women here are real , no fake boobs , just real . No problem with the cops yet , everyone just moves along quit quick , no  fucking around here , no road hogs . Gotta hit the sack , got about 4 hrs. Left for sleep .Dam , gonna miss this place .   Wish you were here .           Fin .

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This Just In From Our Man On The Continent

After 39 countries , 1619 towns , 258 cities , 3598  villages , 2861

> miles on back roads , 2841 miles on highways , 1649 miles on toll

> roads , 16 miles dirt road , .295 miles unintentional (fuck-up) off -

> roading ( too much tea prior knight) 2 speeding tickets & 33 warnings

> (all in San Marino) One attempted robbery ( by me, no info.) and 5

> assaults (all by me in Greece) 37 arguments all but 1 in Italy , one

> arrest in  Slovakia for importation of contraband ( French porn

> playing cards in backpack …………… who knew ?) multiple illicit

> affairs in Spain (oops), roadkill (not TK) count ;

> 3 peasant women (Eastern block , don’t really count) hit an didn’t really “run” just ignored , one stray kid , (he’s ok , but he’ll never have sex …… ouch !) several farm animals I.E., chickens , one goat (or elderly women , hard to tell) in Bulgaria , and hit something in the night after massive amounts of alcohol in Buda then instant replay in Pest ……….no joke , something / someone is now at the bottom of the Danube …….. or is it the Volga (now Vulga) , can you say goulash ?

> Didn’t have any issues with / in the Africian continent caus I wasn’t pack’in a gat so I didn’t visit the savage bastards . There loss .

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Onward to the Alps

Pushing 7000 miles without an oil change ………….. that can’t be a good thing . Here in Hotel grand Venezia out side of Innsbruck (spell check) Austria . I never thought I would get tired of these insane roads but its wearing thin , especially on my clutch , breaks & mind . Can’t wait to get to Germany & France for some normal riding .Its really beautifully & totally awsum . Cars & bikes flying off the road every day into the rocky bottom , probability a mile down . Got passed going up alps by Harleys (more bottom end torque and displacement) ……….. 1100 cc”S doesn’t cut it with 500 lbs. payload , marbel tile , cukoo cukoo clocks , prochutto leg , multiple (many ) bottles of wine , 2 German helmets , and a bat I found on the road , copper pot Sue had to have , (from France) , and a case of German beer …………… just in case . I’m thinking of doing this again …………. well ?

Last but not least , never seen an Indian motorcycle here , ever ! Fin .

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Pit Stop in exile

Staying in Corsica for a couple of days for R&R ………..the place is beautifully , the roads over the mountains are fucking crazy . ya got to be extremely good just to go down the street for anything ! I really have my doubts about getting out of here alive , not fucking kidding .This is no place for the Harley , no God dam way !  Harleys are all over the place in Europe , everywhere (not on Corsica) but saw one , (1) fucking Moto Guzzie in France , had a lot of people check it (Moto Guzzie) out , taking pictures etc. , don’t think they ever seen one . The weather is really hot , even for the spegetti benders , but the food here is to die for no presertives ( in Europe too , mainland) nothing frozen , everything IS off the boat . Had two great horse steaks here , one cooked , the other raw , think I saw him (horse) an hour ago walking around . No bullshit or horse shit in this case . Ya gotta get your ass oner here ( Corsica ) or for that matter anywhere here with a CAR ……….. it really is unbelievable . The  Mer Tyrrhenienne  / Mer Ligure (upper Mediterranean Sea) is quite salty , I’m floating on my back with my hands behind my head taking a snooze , again , unbelievable . In any case , bike still running great after the terrible beating it took on these mountain’s . If it didn’t crap out getting here , it should make it back . Hope everything is fine over the pond , I can’t get over getting beat by women on bicycle’s (passing me on curves!) Flying down the mountain , and one bitch (in France) passed me going up ! Go figure !      Fin .    

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Mucho Caliente en Madrid

Madrid , hot as a mo-fo ………90′s all day . left Lisbon Portugal (beautifully city) and arrived at 9:00 PM , sun still shining @ 375 miles @ 75-80 @MPH for everal hrs. .stopped at some mid- not so evil town , for lunch ……should be on Unisco’s list of ancient walled city’s but there are so many , land of Don  Quote . it”S now 11:15 PM & having an adult beverage in the square , friggan beer has hit me like a ton of bricks , you may tell by the missed spelled words . Tomorrow Madrid and at night (too hot in the day ) off to Andorra for my snails ! Miss you all but not that much ! Just saying .

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Spain, Anyone?

Young woman lying face down on a towel o.

Shocked, shocked I say with all the scantley clad (naked) girls on TV ! Not to mention the beach .
If ya need Viagra here , you’ve got issues ! Besides having a stiff one all day ……. this place is hard to take ……………. or leave .   Tonight we’re at Cascais , just 15 miles north of Lisbon ….. thought it would be a bit quieter (and cheaper) than Lisbon , ………not ! It appears to be the portuges riverea .
Real nice place , a bit pricy . to day was a bitch , 90 degrees all day . thought the Guzzie would melt at a steady 75/80 MPH , but she ran like a charm . all is fine hope all is well at home , can’t wait to get back to France , just loved their small roads and villages .          Fin .

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Pit Stop’s Wicked Excellent 2015 European Tour

Southend Pier, Southend on Sea, Essex, Britain. freighters moored off the end of the pier waiting for the tide. A wet day out o Stock Photo

Just got the mother fucking computer working @ 4:30 AM  (now) this morning ! Got off of plane , rain .went to pick-up bike …… no problem , pouring rain . threw out (in parking lot) ALL maps of UK !
No England , Scotland ,Ireland bla bla bla . drove in rain 177 miles to Dover UK , drove on train , grabbed a cold guiness and drove off in 26 min. no customers anywhere in Europe , great !
Best ride ever in my life getting lost in France , 75% small roads , highways like ALL roads are excellent . From Calais (train exit) to Spanish border (exactly 1000 miles) not one bad road or pot hole ! Foods OK , sue hasn’t acted- up yet ! Today (@3:00pm) will be in Porto Portugal . No rain since we hit France . it’s about 80-85 degrees . bike runs excellent @ 75-80 all day , so far so good .
No issues except no computer for trip routes and reservations but it all worked out. . as usual no trip is complete with out a fucking issue with the Jon dam (cops) ………. Blasted threw some tiny town (little fast) and a cop frantically waved /flaged me down , noticed no cop car , proceeded to blast off into the sunset …….can you say ” aviour Mon amie”.


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